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Helps you progress and plan your training
Saves time with pure gametime replay
Pro Athletes
Makes your training smarter with AI & personalized insights
Prepares for the next opponent with historic matches
Monitors multiple tables at the same time
Highlights key moments to discuss with your trainee
Create your match
Personalized AI report
Share your matches
Record your table tennis match with OSAI
Table tennis AI by OSAI helps you record your match in the best way possible. The app provides you with helpful guidelines and on-screen tips. This way, your match is guaranteed to be suitable for personalized analytics processing.
Add a pre-recorded match
Create a match in the app and upload any table tennis video from your gallery. The requirements are minimal: the video should contain at least one full set of the game & the entire table and both players must be visible at all times.
app rating based on 100+ reviews
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