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Why do I need a table tennis diary?
This is one of the best ways to track your table tennis progress over a long period of time. Table tennis diary reminds you of your experiences and moments that might have been lost otherwise. It’s a handy tool to remind you of when, against who and how you’ve played before.
How to add a match to the table tennis diary?
Once you open OSAI, whether app or the website, it will ask you to create a match. You can choose between competitive matches and training. And add information, like the opponent's name, score, etc. Once the match is created, you can add notes and/or video to it.
What is a table tennis diary?
Table tennis diary is a common practice in professional training. It allows you to save the most important moments, like how often & what you’ve been training, your performance in the tournaments and against particular opponents, and your coach’s comments.
How much does table tennis diary cost?
Table tennis diary is part of the free plan, so it costs you absolutely nothing. We at OSAI are committed to promoting table tennis and we want to make table tennis experience as smooth and fun as possible.
How to add videos to the table tennis diary?
First create a game and enter the details. Once the game is created, you can add the video in one of three ways:  1. Record the video using the app (only available on iOS)  2. Enter the link to youtube  3. Upload the video from the gallery  Once the video is added, OSAI will process it and generate pure game-time video without any pauses and breaks. You will receive a notification when its ready.
How long does it take to get a personalized table tennis report?
On average it takes up to 48hours to get the video analyses. In most cases we strive to deliver personalized analytics faster. However, it may take a bit longer, especially around public holidays.
How much does the pure game-time video cost?
Great news! It is part of the free plan, so it costs you absolutely nothing.
How can I get a pure game-time video?
This feature is currently available only on the web version. Simply add a video to your table tennis diary and OSAI technology will take of the rest.
How long does it take to get a pure game-time video?
On average it takes up to 48hours to get the pure game-time video. In most cases we strive to deliver personalized analytics faster. However, it may take a bit longer, especially around public holidays.
Can OSAI suggest what I should focus on during my next training?
We are working on the AI-coach feature that will generate suggestions for your training. Meanwhile, you can use OSAI table tennis analytics to understand your technique and style and make decisions on what to focus on next. OSAI gives you insights into your strength and weaknesses. It’s a good idea to train your weak spots, like a certain stroke type or receiving long shots. However, don’t forget about your strength: sometimes it’s worth training to make it even better.
How do I read the personalized table tennis report?
The report consists of several sections, covering everything from serve to rally finish. We recommend you start with the summary section, that has main match insights like pure playing time and players information. The rest of the report is structured around game components: stroke types, serve types and errors. Deepdive into what strokes are the most efficient and what may need some more training. Last but not the least, head to the Interactive map. Here you can find out what tactics are most efficient in your table tennis game. You can see what zones of the table you prefer to play into, what are your weakest zones and how your opponent used it to their advantage. More on reading the report you can find in our Instagram.
What personal data do you collect?
We at OSAI value your privacy above all. And we treat personal information with utmost respect and care. For this reason, we minimised personal data we collect. We only ask you for information that is absolutely necessary for the service delivery. This includes your email address and video recordings.
What is a personalized table tennis analytics report?
A personalized table tennis analytics report is a result of AI-analysis of your table tennis video. It uncovers insights of your strengths and weaknesses, strokes types, sequences, wins and errors. In a nutshell, it’s a goldmine of data from your table tennis video.
How much does the personalized table tennis report cost?
The personalised report costs $19.99 for one video/match. You can purchase several reports and use them over time. 3 reports are priced at $54.99, and 5 reports at $89.99.
How many matches can I record?
With OSAI you can record as many table tennis matches as you like.
What is replay without pauses or pure game-time video?
Replay without pauses is a feature that allows you to replay pure game time. It cuts all the breaks and down time from the table tennis video. This can save you up to 80% of time when replaying your matches.
Is the OSAI app secure?
Yes, absolutely. We implemented market-leading procedures to protect data (including personal data). Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information on how we collect, use and protect data we collect.
How do you use my personal data?
The personal data is only used for the purpose of service delivery, that includes communicating with you. For example, we use your email address to send you notifications about your diary and personalized table tennis analytics status. No personal information is used in the video analysis. We do not use face recognition. The only reason we ask for a video to include both players in the frame is that this way we can analyse stroke types and errors. We do not share any information with third parties.
How can I get a personalized table tennis report?
If you are an iPhone user: Record your match with the app. It gives you handy guidance on the video recording too. Once the video is recorded, select an option “Get Personalised Analytics” and complete your purchase. Your report will be ready within 48 hours and you’ll be notified when it’s ready.  If you prefer web-version: record your match with any device, following the instructions that can be found on osaiapp.ai. Once you have a video you want to analyse, head to osaiapp.ai and press “Submit your video” button. Fill the form and send us a link to your video. OSAI team will check your video and let you know if it’s suitable for AI-analysis. If the video passes the checks, we’ll send you a link to purchase the report. If for any reason the video is not suitable for analysis, we’ll get back to you with the instructions on how to resubmit your video.
Do I have to create an account to use OSAI?
You can use the OSAI app without signing in and creating an account. All your information and games will be stored unless you uninstall the app. Please consider creating an account, as your information can be lost. If you decide to use OSAI without registration, you won’t be able to purchase personalized table tennis analytics and other premium features. The web version of OSAI is only available for registered users.
What’s the difference between a web version and the OSAI app?
Essentially, this is the same service that allows you to track your table tennis progress, replay videos and get personalized table tennis analytics. However, the web version has a slightly extended set of features in the personalized table tennis analytics.


How do I delete my account?
We are sorry to see you go! If for any reason you decide to delete your OSAI account, just head to the your Profile and click “Delete my account” button. This will permanently erase your data and it will not be possible to restore your account.
Can I use the same log in details in the app and website?
Yes, you can. OSAI app and website share the same login details. All the details are synced between the app and the web versions. For example, you can record a video in the app and view the replays in your browser.


I bought the report, but don’t see it in the app
We are sorry this happened to you! The personalised table tennis analytics may take up to 48 hours to show up in your account. If it’s been longer than that, please email us at xxx@osai.ai with your purchase receipt. We’ll sort it right out!
How long is the report purchase valid for?
The report purchases do not have an expiration date. This means you can submit your video anytime after the date of purchase.
How long can I use the app without paying?
OSAI table tennis app is free for you to use. You can record matches, replay them without pauses, share highlights and complete table tennis diary for free. If you want extra help, you can purchase personalized table tennis analytics and a professional coach consultation.
Can I get a refund?
We do our best for you to never ask this question :) For example, we will always check your video before charging you for the personalized analytics. Some of the videos are not suitable for AI analysis, for example, when only part of the table is visible in the frame. Or when one or both players are out of the video for a long period of time. In this case, we will reach out with instructions on how to resubmit the video and how to make your video suitable for analysis.  The reports are non-refundable if the analysis was complete.
Can I purchase the report for someone else?
Please reach out to us at sales@osai.ai to arrange for a gift certificate or a promo code, that you can share.
I purchased the report, but didn’t receive the confirmation
We are sorry this happened to you! The confirmation can take up to 15 mins to arrive in your inbox. Please check all folders, including Spam. If it’s not there after the 15 mins expired, please reach out to sales@osai.ai and we’ll help you to resolve the issue.